**Repost** Sam Winch’s the Lullabadeer (combine lullaby and balladeer and you get lullabadeer)

Even before I saw Sam Winch’s website I had picked up on his circus/carney theme and sound. It wasn’t hard since the second song on his debut disc, The Lullabadeer, drops as many circus references as any song in recent memory. The website with it’s big top theme confirms it.

I’m not sure what to believe in Sam’s bio as he claims to have been lost for a week when he was 9 only to be found at the circus (I’m guessing that’s not true), it also says he took a hammer blow to the head to protect a baby (I’m not sure about that one either), and it goes on to say that this record is up for the Nobel Prize (improbable but deserving).


If Tom Waits still had a sense of humor, would stop suing everybody and singing through megaphone he might just put out a record of this caliber. If Jack Johnson would wake up and snap out of his perpetual stoner-surfer-dude stupor, on his best day he might be able to match the energy and dynamic swings of The Lullabadeer. If Paul Simon could drag himself off of the Broadway stage he might be able to recreate the magic of his hit “Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard” but for now Sam Winch’s “Julio” will have to do.

I really like this record and if any of the above makes sense to you than you will too. Buy it here through cdbaby.


the LullabadeerOneTwoThreeJulio [Download]

One Response to “**Repost** Sam Winch’s the Lullabadeer (combine lullaby and balladeer and you get lullabadeer)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Craig — while I still love Tom Waits albums, old and new; am surprised how much I enjoy someone as insubstantial as Jack Johnson; and continue to asserts that Paul Simon is our greatest LIVING songwriter (let’s see how well Winch is doing when he hits his 5th decade of songwriting), I do agree with you that this is awesome music and I wil definitely be picking it up.

    The recent demise of several other good blogs has made me worry about all my faves, particularly you. Please keep it up. You consistently present amazing music that I find nowhere else. I’ve definitely bought more albums via your tips than any other blog. Thanks!
    —- Mindy B.