**REPOST** Steve Dawson’s Sweet Is The Anchor (Dolly Varden) (Undertow Records, August 28)

I admit to not being a big Dolly Varden fan but it’s not becasue of a dislike of their music. Mostly it’s just been laziness. While living in Chicago for the past decade I’ve had a multitude of opportunities to see them or Steve Dawson’s prior band Stump The Host. It’s inexplicable that I’ve never sought them out.Now that I hear Steve Dawson’s (of Dolly Varden) solo record I see at least part of what I’ve been missing out on.

Steve Dawson recorded this album in just about every room of his house, he enlisted wife and Dolly Varden member Diane Christiansen to sing along. With multitracking and a host of excellent musicians Steve Dawson has made an exquisite blue-eyed soul record. It’s not the copycat soul of Jamie Lidell (although there’s nothing wrong with that) or the authentic soul of Soloman Burke. But it works nonetheless; think Van Morrison or the Finn Brothers.

Here’s a couple of standout tracks from Steve Dawson’s solo debut Sweet Is The Anchor out in August on Undertow. I can’t find a pre-order link just yet but will keep you posted.

Sweet Is The AnchorLove Is A Blessing [Download]

New feature – Occasionally when time and space permit I will put up mp3′s by the bands that I feel influence, compare to or are the roots of the music I post about above. I’m kinda proud of this first little subset – enjoy!!

Solomon Burke –

None of Us Are FreeDolly Varden – Forgiven NowJamie Lidell – MultiplyFinn Brothers – Won’t Give In [Download]

2 Responses to “**REPOST** Steve Dawson’s Sweet Is The Anchor (Dolly Varden) (Undertow Records, August 28)”

  1. darwin says:

    Little known fact about Jamie Lidell is that his roots are in experimental techno. To get an idea of how different his techno records are fro his nu-soul music, you can check one of the techno tracks I posted recently at Nuclear Beef.


  2. Dave Pask-Hughes says:

    It’s hardly little known, his first record under the name Jamie Lidell “Muddlin’ Gear” got a fairly good reception from the electronic underground when it was released on Warp. Plus to call Lidell “copy-cat” soul is a bit unfair; if you listen carefully to his newest release, the production is extremely intricate…