**Repost** There Is A War in Almost Every Corner

I think that all those people “supporting the troops” with those yellow ribbon stickers on their SUV’s should instead put one red ribbon for every man, woman and child killed in Iraq. I’d like to see them navigate the road with thousands of those on their windshields. Whatever the real cause was for the war it’s clearly gone on long enough. Every Marine that is killed is either someone’s child or someone’s parent. It’s hard to even comprehend the damage to that country’s psyche with all of the innocent iraqi civilians killed, detained or maimed by this war.

The peace song “There Is A War In Almost Every Corner” is the first track released as an mp3 off of Blood Music’s upcoming debut full-length Sing A Song, Fighter (October, Make It Happen Records). The song is more of a metaphor for not harming one another, than a full fledged anti-war protest song but I’m going to read a litle deeper into it and assume Karl Jonas of Blood Music is as fed up as I am with the war in Iraq. I’ll have links to buy the new record up as soon as the label/band put them online but for now just listen and enjoy.

There Is A War In almost Every Corner [Download]

Blood Music is encouraging people to freely download and spread this song. It’s a positive way to take a stance for peace.

2 Responses to “**Repost** There Is A War in Almost Every Corner”

  1. countrygrrl says:

    this is a great track…yes this war is getting a tad tedious…these politicians always say it will be ‘over by Christmas’ yeah right and Elvis will be visiting too…….so thanx for keeping the subject high on the agenda.

  2. croce says:

    guess fashism is ok with you, and freedon is not worth fighting for? you may trust militant islam with you life and safty but many of us do not. dont pretent like you dont know whay we are at war, i think you are smarter that that. iraq is far better a place thanks to the american mean and women that fought bravly to liberate it from the people who worked with hittler in the 1930s. i am proud of our troops!