Viarosa’s "Where The Killers Run" (British alt-country post 7)

Viarosa have greater ambitions than being simply best British alt-country band and it shows. In fact although it seems that they are at times labeled as alt-country it’s not that accurate a description. The band does use some traditional instruments (fiddle, acoustic guitars, mandolin and acoustic bass) and the songs do touch on some of the despair and haunting melancholy of early country music but the sound that emanates is a creepy, spooky amalgram of folk influences and British alternative rock.

A perusal of the bands press section finds these adjectives: “country death songs, Nick Cavesque vocals, haunting, spellbliding and bleak”. The new record, Where The Killers Run (Pronoia, Sept. 12) has been receiving outstanding reviews including nods for record of the year. The band has allowed me to share acouple songs from the new record. Enjoy and buy it here now.

Poor Man’s PrayerOnly Child [Download]

PS This will be my last new post for a couple of days. But don’t worry I’ll be putting up reposts of some of the best music of 2005 so keep checking back.

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    Thanks for all the great tunes and info this year, Craig! Have a lovely holiday. –Greg Enchilada Luce