A request for more of Ed’s Redeeming Qualities

Apparently I’m one of the few individuals who have every record by the great, yet defunct Boston band (actually Amherst, MA.) Ed’s Redeeming Qualties. Like with the Gordan Gano (Violent Femmes) gospel record or with the Roger Miller (post Mission of Burma) instrumental rock-fusion project Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, I seem to be the sole resource on the web for music from these bands and I’m honored and glad to help.

Here’s what I wrote about Ed’s in another post from a while ago:

“If that title means anything at all to you I’m impressed. Ed’s Redeeming Qualitites were one of the strangest and most wonderfull bands I’ve ever encountered. Their songs (all their songs) were attempts to be funny. Amazingly they succeeded 9 times out of 10. If the songs weren’t outright funny then they were slightly twee, dealing with relationships, life or death in a very simple, childlike manner.
Sadly one of their main members and chief songwriters died (making their album titles It’s All Good News and More Bad Times very ironic). They had a great run though (starting in the early 90′s) and actually had a minor college hit with the song “Lawndart” which was included on one of the first CMJ compilations.”

A Reader wrote in a couple of days ago for one song called “More Bad Times” from their 1990 release of the same name on Flying Fish Records. I couldn’t resist posting a few more from this band that was the precursor to any/all great twee bands of the `00′s. So here’s “More Bad Times”, “The Boy I Work With” and their near miss “Lawn Dart”.

More Bad TimesThe Boy I Work WithLawn Dart [Download]

5 Responses to “A request for more of Ed’s Redeeming Qualities”

  1. Michalle says:

    Could you re-post links to the Gano gospel mp3′s? The old ones don’t seem to work anymore.

  2. Michael says:

    I’m one of the other individuals who has all Ed’s stuff. My fave tracks are Green Glass from the live cd Big Grapefruit Clean Up Job and Slide Show and Howard Johnsons from the early demo tape Ed’s Kitchen. They are an underrated treasure of a band – a real shame they are no more. Thanks for reminding me how much I love them…

  3. d@n says:

    I sure wish I had ‘em all, but I have a few of their albums. I was lucky enough to see them in their later incarnation in San Francisco in the mid ’90s. Wonderful stuff!

    Also worthy of note is 100 Watt Smile, the band Carrie Bradley formed with Scott Greiner, who I saw a lot of in the late ’90s; and now her acoustic stuff as The Great Auk with Bernie Jungle. Anybody catch the recent (and supposedly last) Ed’s Remaining Qualities show at the Rickshaw Stop in SF? Wonderful, lots of old fans there.

  4. carpenter says:

    Hi, I am searching for this album (more bad times) everywhere, but it seems to be unavailable as a CD and USA only availability-limited as mp3 (napster, msn music).

    Could you advise me how to get this great recording?

    (replies to carpenter.zdenek@centrum.cz please)

  5. Anonymous says:

    In 1996, ERQ camped out in my apartment while they were playing in the L.A. area. They knew my roommate and we had a great hanging out! My favorite was watching Dan grab Paradise Lost off the shelf and read it all night! Of all their tunes my faves are More Bad Times (played it at my wedding), Drivin on 9 & Lawn Dart. I know this blog was posted a long time ago but feel free to email me if you are looking for one of their tunes. I think I still have all of them!
    my email is: weirdnj75-retail@yahoo.com
    Cheers! Rebecca