Cameron McGill – Street Ballads and Murderesques

Thanks to Cameron McGill and his press agent at McClusky and Associates I’ve had his new record Street Ballads And Murderesques for close to six months. I’ve been sitting on it (don’t worry it’s not bent) waiting for there to be a link to purchase it. The link to CDBaby and the Awarestore just went live so here’s Cameron.

I wrote about him here first and since that release his sound has been fleshed out a little bit. His live show (which impressed the unwashed hordes at CMJ) now features a full band with cello. While Cameron is safely within the walls of the singer-songwriter encampment his songs, which range from 5-7 minutes, are not your usual folky fare. Verse chorus verse structure apparently doesn’t do it for Cameron, so instead he’s delved deep into his personal history as well as his own mythology to come up with a sound that of course will continue to be compared to Jeff Buckely and Bob Dylan but rightly should just be his own. Here’s a couple from Street Ballads… due out sometime in February but now available in your best Chicago stores brick and mortar stores and online here and here.

What You WantedWorry About A Thing [Download]

PS Record release show in Chicago at the Hideout on tonight, January 21st.

2 Responses to “Cameron McGill – Street Ballads and Murderesques”

  1. Happy In Bag says:

    I’m man enough to admit that I’m very impressed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can you say “Ryan Adams” anyone. I mean I really like it, actually like it a lot. I would think Ryan needs to watch out as there is a whipper snapper nipping at his heels (from those two tracks at least.