Folk Is The New Black (companion piece to Popsheep’s recent post)

(Editors note: normally I wouldn’t post something this late but I hope to follow on the coat tails of
Popsheep’s post of the song “Society’s Child” by Janis Ian. Also quite frankly I’m not thrilled with how this post came out (music’s fine but the writing seems forced when it shouldn’t be.)

On hearing that famous folk artist Janis Ian has a new record coming out on a lark I went to her website. I new that I would come up empty handed in terms of free mp3′s. However I was startled to discover that this baby boomer is also an internet savvy free speech advocate. I knew that her songs in the past could be political but I didn’t expect her to put her money where her mouth was. Long story short Janis Ian’s new record Folk Is The New Black comes out in February, it is her 20th major label release and here is the title track courtesy of Janis Ian herself.

I’d say more about Janis but she’s lived a wild and colorful life and there’s no way I can sum it all up (you may know her as the writer/performer of “Society’s Child”, “Jesse” and her biggest hit “At Seventeen”). Find out more at her website or through All Music here if you’re curious.

Folk Is The New Black [Download]


My Tenessee Hills [Download]
(Duet w/Dolly Parton)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have this CD and all I can say is “BRAVO Janis Ian BRAVO”