Long May You Run, J. Tillman

Damien Jurado has done more for struggling singer songwriters than anyone I know. In bio after bio artists cite him for helping them further their careers. Whether it’s passing on a demo (in this case with J. Tillman) or sharing the stage with or by contributing on fledgling artists records he has made his mark as an informal A&R guy.

J. Tillman’s new 2006 release is Long May You Run, J. Tilman, and as with his previous release it’s a collaboration with Eric Fisher (Damien Jurado, Rosie Thomas). You can preorder this limited edition run of only 150 here through Keep Recordings. The songs are low-key, half whispered, half sung affairs. For some reason it seems to me that this would have been good soundtrack for Brokeback Mountain.

My Waking DaysSeven States Across [Download]

3 Responses to “Long May You Run, J. Tillman”

  1. John says:

    Ah you finally went and did it. I saw this guy a year and a half ago with Buckner and Damien Jurado and Dolorean. Tillman walked on stage between Buckner’s set and Jurado’s (not even a word of mention about who he was), and sat down and played “Ties that Bind,” and everyone was silent after the first verse. I can’t believe he releases these records in runs of 100. It’s a crime.

  2. Perry says:

    this was a good one thanks man!

  3. Satisfied '75 says:

    yeah, I like tillman’s style. and good call on the Brokeback Mtn!