New Music from Garrison Starr off "The Sound of Me and You" (Vanguard, March 14)

I like to be the first, or if not the first than one of the first, to cover a band that fits into my spectrum. But as I’ve said in the past it’s getting harder and harder to scoop the ever growing world of mp3 bloggers. My first Band Of Horses post was in May of `05 with links to demo’s from the new record. The promo copies of that record are out now and a quick perusal of the net has about 25 other bloggers all over this one (and rightfully so). But it’s release date is not until March 21, what does that mean for sales of this record? Will all those who heard it between May of 2005 and February of 2006 run out to get it at the end of March? The same is true for Casiotone For The Painfully Alone who also is garnering a lot of blog press this week. I can’t add anything to the discussion on these two bands although I’d like to.

But don’t be dismayed I’ll just have to serve up more of the unhip, unhyped music you’ve come to expect from Songs:Illinois. Garrison Starr was discovered early and had a contract with Geffen records in the late 90′s, she was marketed as a heir apparent to Lucinda Williams but may have more in common with a heartland rocker like Melissa Etheridge (who she has toured with). I don’t hear a lot of twang left in her songs and this makes it even harder to fit her into some niche genre. During one interview she was quoted as saying “There’s really not anybody doing what I’m doing” and she’s not really wrong.

Her new record, her second for Vanguard, comes out on March 14 and is not a big departure for her sonically. The Sound Of You And Me will be hard to market and it will fall through the cracks but it will also find it’s audience both with Garrsion’s hardcore fans and those just introduced to her. Here’s one of her quieter songs. Buy her last record here.

Black and White [Download]

3 Responses to “New Music from Garrison Starr off "The Sound of Me and You" (Vanguard, March 14)”

  1. Gil says:

    Is the link supposed to be working? It isn’t for me…

  2. Craig says:

    everything seems to be working fine now

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so so so much! I love Garrison Starr and can’t wait for the release. Thanks for the preview!