The Can’t See (ex 764-Hero)

I don’t think I should like The Can’t See. I know nothing about them or their leader John Atkins. He was in the band 764-Hero who I don’t know and all the references, clubs and bands they play with are not on my radar.

But as soon as I heard two of the songs from their new debut record I was hooked, what with the crunchy guitars and emo-ish vocals what’s not to like. They’ve got fans at KEXP and with the record label Up.

Here’s a couple from

Bar Fight [Download]

Sad Version [Download]

2 Responses to “The Can’t See (ex 764-Hero)”

  1. mr mark says:

    764-hero were pretty awesome.. any album is recommended… definitely though ‘get here and stay’. sure you could find their albums pretty easily in used bins at a good indie record shop.

  2. Alexander S. says:

    I’m a big time 764 fan, and i found “Get here and stay” slightly overrated, i would definately recommend “Nobody Knows This is Everywhere”

    I heard a few of The Can’t See songs a few months ago and i was blown away as well, though i havent found the release yet to buy it.