Foot Foot’s "Snaggle and Buck" (Oedipus Records

A band always gets extra points when they address me by name in their emails. Foot Foot got those initial free points but earned even more once I heard their songs. They’ve been described as a “tiny folk orchestra” and they site their influences as The Breeders, Neil Young and Tom Waits. If they knew any better they’d throw in Ed’s Redeeming Qualities and Tullycraft into that stew.

There’s upwards of five tracks to listen to on their website or on their label’s site (Oedipus Records). I won’t link to them all but check out both sites for more from Foot Foot. I like the line “Fuck It, let’s just sit still and bury our hands” from “Out Of The Sand”. Buy their debut record Snaggle and Buck here.

Out Of The SandWind Blows The door Open [Download]

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  1. Yo La Tengo says:

    Awesome! They also have a split 7″ coming out.