Great new songs from OX (due summer of 2006)

Everybody’s got their pet projects I guess. And I’ve got mine. One is the Canadian band Ox (I wrote about em here, here) They’ve gotten more mileage out of their debut record, Dust Bowl Revival, than a late model Ford Pinto (or that Camaro they sing about in one of their songs). Self released in 2003 and then picked up and signed to Second Nature Records in 2005 Dust Bowl Revival is that rare example of a record that deserved to be heard and actually was. Ox has been busy in the studio for all of 2005 recording a followup to that record. Apparently they’ve got enough for two records: Burn Out Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. both are scheduled for June of 2006.

The new songs they’ve just posted continue their evaluation of the American landscape. How is it that this band from Vancouver has a better grasp on our culture and sound than most of the bands toiling away here in the states? Of course as important as the songs is Marc Brownings voice and delivery. His tired drawl and that lonesome warble in his voice go perfectly with the understated musical backdrop of eerie guitar, harmonica, pedal steel and drums. These two songs just made my best of 2006 list. How about you? Sign up to be their friend and check out their concert schedule here on My Space. Buy Dust Bowl Revival if you haven’t already done so here.

747Unknown Legend [Download]

Thanks to my friend in SF for the reminder!

2 Responses to “Great new songs from OX (due summer of 2006)”

  1. Gina says:

    Hey Craig, consider me won over by your pet projecting. Just what is it with these groups from Canada? The Banditas and S & Jaybird hit me in the same way: striking, closer to home than I expected.

    P.S. Casey Dienel in Cambridge, MA = very fine.

  2. Lizzy says:

    thanks for this, i like ‘em.