Albertan Alt-country from Corb Lund (Loose Records, March 27)

Corb Lund‘s new record, Hair In My Eyes Like a Highland Steer, came out on March 27th on Loose Records. I just got back from Puerto Rico where I blew $60 on Blackjack in the hotel casino so I can relate to his new song “Cards”. Corb Lund is another alt-country singer from up north (Alberta to be exact). But I find his style to be quite his own.

The new record is produced by Harry Stinson and features the first call Nashville guitar of Kenny Vaughn. Pick it up here through Loose.

All I Want To Do Is Play Cards [Download]

Truth Comes Out [Download]

One Response to “Albertan Alt-country from Corb Lund (Loose Records, March 27)”

  1. Bruce says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been waiting to hear it. Nice stuff