Grand Mal’s "Love Is The Best Con In Town" (New York Night Train, March 30)

Grand Mal is the perfect followup to last weeks post of the NYC band Izzy. Grand Mal’s frontman and all around go to guy Bill Whitten is also of NYC and this record is his first produced by himself and in his apartment. In the past Mercury Rev’s Dave Friedman ably produced his earlier solo works and before that Bill headed up the grungy group St. Johnny.

His work with Grand Mal sounds more polished but is still rooted in messy rock `n’ roll. “His Baleful Eye” namedrops David Bowie and rightfully so with his allusions to “windows in time” and love as a “black cancerous mass”. The new record, Love Is the Best Con In Town, is due out March 30 on New York Night Train Records. Pre-release copies may still be available here.


His Balefull Eye [Download]

Oddly the tip to write about this new release came from Sweden’s Groover Recordings who have nothing to gain from publicity for Grand Mal. So thanks Groover.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is one great tune. i need to get me a Grand Mal asap! where to get it?