Lindsay Clark (RIYL Shelley Short, Birdie Busch, Casey Dienel)

Of course it’s way too early and just plain silly to say that Lindsay Clark is the new Casey Dienel (here) but there I said it. But really there are similartities starting with the locale (Boston), the instrument (piano) and the sound (lofi pop). Lindsey Clark performs under the banner Re-Cognition.

Her new demos are up on her site expect them to appear on her new record which she has just started recording. “When I go To Sleep” just plain aches with feeling. On this song and “Portuguese” her wavering voice is countered by jaunty piano.

When I Go To SleepPortuguese [Download]

One Response to “Lindsay Clark (RIYL Shelley Short, Birdie Busch, Casey Dienel)”

  1. elam says:

    c & l are roomies. so i can see how they might influence each other