Matt Bauer’s new ep "Wasps and White Roses" (w/Jolie Holland) (Crossbill Records, April 4)

I literally have 15 posts qued up but I couldn’t resist writing about the new ep from Matt Bauer. Titled Wasps and White Roses, this is the followup to 2004′s debut Nandina (wrote about it here). This one is as sparse as the first but this time the songs open up a little bit more with female vocals added to the mix and at times the songs even have a down-home bluegrass feel with the addition of some fiddle. However, they still retain the gothic americana vibe that postitions Matt Bauer somewhere between indie folk and rustic country.

Btw when I say female vocals I don’t just mean some girlfriend or other who just happened to be hanging out in the studio. The female vocals on Wasps and White Roses are by none other than Jolie Holland and Marie Sioux (Brightblack). This record is coming out in April on the resuscitated label Crossbill Records. Of course Matt’s played with everyone and their brother but for a real treat why don’t you catch him playing with Tom Brousseau on 3/28 at Club Passim in Cambridge and 3/29 at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn. So look; the packaging is cool, the record is fantastic, the guy’s on tour and I’m telling you to buy it. What else do you want!? Buy it here now.


Carve It Out [Download]
(w/Jolie Holland)

Bonus: Live song from Tom Brousseau, fresh off being mentioned in Stereogum, titled “Rose”. Buy it here.

Rose [Download]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Crossbill Records is alive and still kicking and very proud of our boy Matt Bauer’s ep-thanks for the kind words and support of Matt’s excellent work.

  2. [...] Matt Bauer is prepping a new record for Crossbill Records. It’s called The Island Moved In The Storm and is a co-production with the label La Societe Expeditionnaire. I’ve written about Matt’s introspective indie folk before here and here. [...]