Preview a song from Gina Villalobos new release (Laughing Outlaw, May)

What’s the world going to be like when they outright ban cigarrettes and hard liquor? How will we get artists that sound like Tow Waits, Nick Cave, Lucinda Williams and now Gina Villalobos. Gina’s not exactly a new commodotity to me as I’ve been waiting for her next release, exploring her brother’s music and rifling through all the band links on her site/MySpace page.

But if this is the first time you’ve heard of her don’t worry, you’re still early enough to say you knew her when. Her new record is released on May 20 in the UK (Laughing Outlaw) and maybe later in 2006 in the states. I refuse to compare her to other artists (think L.W. or K.E.) but her sound is rooted in the godforsaken desert sounds of real country music (that rocks). The electric guitars and her raspy, well-worn voice are right up front in the mix while the traditional sounding pedal steel is used to supplement her sound. “Somebody Save Me” continues the path she took on her debut record a few years ago. Nothing new but still exemplary.

Somebody Save Me [Download]

One Response to “Preview a song from Gina Villalobos new release (Laughing Outlaw, May)”

  1. Chon says:

    Love Gina. Ever since Beg From Me came out. Then Rock N Roll Pony came out and I was hooked. Miles Away may be even better. Love the Bee Gees cover she has on the new album. Sounds so original. Good job of spreading the word.