Real Austin Music 2 – Stayton Bonner ("Me and My Poodle")

Stayton Bonner is not that different from some of the great storytelling songwriters, whether it’s classic old timers like James Taylor and Lyle Lovett or the more modern troubadours like Slaid Cleaves and Hayes Carll. That he has similarities with these great singers is a compliment and not something to hold against him. After all you can only do so much with an acoustic guitar and the human voice.

His second record, I Think I’m Goin To Move To Austrailia, was just released in January of this year. Stayton is on tour with fellow Texas troubador Graham Weber. Check out his song about his poodle, Willie, below. Buy I think… here.

Me And My Poodle [Download]

One Response to “Real Austin Music 2 – Stayton Bonner ("Me and My Poodle")”

  1. countrygrrl says:

    this is great fun…had a big smile on my face whilst listening, reminds me of early john prine and loudon wainwright…excellent!!!