Something rare from Jens Lekman

3V12_ Jens Lekman in de lift
I found this Jens Lekman song online somewhere. Not sure where (and it’s not in Jen’s semi official song list). But it wasn’t another blog so I don’t have to credit anyone. Jens has the most disctinctive style of any singer performing today, whether it’s just him and a uke or if it’s a whole symphonic piece. Visit his website and beg him not to walk away from his music career as he has been threatening to do for the last month or so.

Throw Your Arms Around Me [Download]

6 Responses to “Something rare from Jens Lekman”

  1. Anonymous says:

    No it’s not from the Kullaberg DVD.
    It’s from an Australian Radio Show last year. (Triple J)
    Oh and btw Craig, the song is in the song list. At the bottom. “Your arms around me”

  2. jimmy (Club Springfield) says:


    it would be sad if Jens Lekman quit play music.

    Here´s a serie of picture when he (and kristofer Åström) play live here in Stockholm 5 august 2005. About 5000-10000 people in the audience.

    Some silly pics om my to.

  3. Sam says:

    I think he’s definitely back for good these days. He seems to have dealt with what caused him to quit. And yes the song is from a Triple J recording but a version of it is on the Kullaberg DVD-EP. There’s also a great live version of it up on my latest video podcast (where he also talks all about his quitting music. Go to my blog to check it out:

  4. jixor says:

    Any chance of fixing the mp3 link?

    If so please drop me a line to untrusted1, at, jixor, dot, com.

  5. brett parry says:

    has anyone please got a copy of this version … i’m geting married (Nov 10th 2007) and really want this as our 1st wedding dance.