Amalea Tshilds – Painted Tiles (Fallen Fan, May 30)

Well…every day’s a first when you blog. This was the first time I had to search online restaurant reviews for a photo of singer/songwriter Amalea Tshilds. As it happens, not only is she an interesting and eclectic musical artist but she also runs one of the hippest, award winning kitchens in Chicago. Her restaurant Lulu is a popular destination in the artistic enclave of Logan Square. Her debut record, Painted Tiles, is due out May 30 on her own imprint called Fallen Fan.

There are a number of excellent songs to sample on her website here but it’s the first song on the record (isn’t it always!?) that really stikes a chord. Of course what I like about it is the same things I love about recent songs by Rachel Ries, Shelley Short, Birdie Busch and Casey Dienel and that is the sweet, unadorned melodies that seem to have always existed but are only recently being rediscovered and put on to disc by these women. So here’s the first track “Distant Town”. Contact Amalea and her label Fallen Fan to purchase Painted Tiles –

Distant Town [Download]

Bonus song:

Lafayette [Download]


2 Responses to “Amalea Tshilds – Painted Tiles (Fallen Fan, May 30)”

  1. ZB says:

    As a colour blue addict, after listening her song “blue”, I totally agree with you : it is sweet and precious, delicate and timeless.

  2. Joe in Chicago says:

    Hey, Craig. Thanks for the generous thoughts!

    Lea’s superfine restaurant is called ‘Lula Cafe” and the record can be got through cdbaby

    And Lea is way too busy to run a record label too. Fallen Fan is owned and operated by one Mike Eggert.