Jesse Henry’s "Roll UpYour Sleeves"

Jesse Henry comes from a jazz background and you can hear parts of it on the standout track “Roll Up Your Sleeves” from his new debut album. But this is the jazz of Tom Waits, Leon Redbone and maybe even Dr. John. Originally a sax player Jesse Henry moved around the country quite a bit and eventually wound up in New England leading a honky tonk band. His sound on this record is folk, blues and jazz based.

Now based in Columbus, Jesse is part of a vibrant Ohio scene consisting of The Spikedrivers, Megan Palmer (tomorrows post), and Tim Easton. You can buy Jesse’s new record by contacting him through his site (

KansasDaughter of theMoonRoll Up Your Sleeves [Download]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Man, that dude looks just like Richard Buckner plaid shirt and all.