Last night’s House Concert in Chicago with Tiger Saw, Casey Dienel and Eric Ziegenhagan

I went to a house concert last night. The bands that performed were Eric Ziegenhagen, Casey Dienel and Tiger Saw. Eric was up first and played a nice set of electrified folk. The highlight was a song about a very tough-to-kill ground ivy. Also his cover of The Hold Steady’s “Hoodrat Friend” is to die for (even with interruptions due to technical difficulties). Here’s a song from Eric’s most recent cd You’re Talking To The Wrong Guy. Buy it here now from Cd Baby.

Huevos Rancheros [Download]

Up next was the shy, young singer-songwriter Casey Dienel who has just moved to Brooklyn and also just released her debut disc on Hush Records (wrote about Casey here and here). We were treated to some of the songs from Wind Up Canary including a jaunty version of “Doctor Monroe” but the best song may have a been a new one about a stripper named Sugar called “Better in Manhattan”. You’ll have to wait to hear “Better in Manhattan” on Casey’s next record but for now here’s a tale of a couple from Massachusetts complete with references to White Hen Pantry and the Bosox.

Frankie and Annette [Download]

Tiger Saw finished the night with a smober mix of slowcore. I’m not sure if this is always how they sound live or if the venue (a living room) may have hushed their normal sonic onslaught. They did play the song “Sing” from their new record which I wrote about a while back (here) as well as one final singalong about life on the road and missing your family, friends and loved ones. A great way to cap off a nice night. Buy Sing now from Kimchee.

Sing [Download]

Bonus: The original version of The Hold Steady’s

“Hoodrat Friend” [Download]

P.S. Thanks to Rachel Collins for emailing me the photo’s. They’re very artistic, don’t you think?


3 Responses to “Last night’s House Concert in Chicago with Tiger Saw, Casey Dienel and Eric Ziegenhagan”

  1. Chris Toft says:

    Craig, great to see coverage of Eric on Songs:Illinois. He’s the one who turned me on to your blog, and he’s a terrific, distinctive songwriter and performer. Eric actually wrote “Ground Ivy” for a house concert/salon that I put together a couple of years ago called “In the Paper Today”, where Eric and I, Steve & Liam from Frisbie and Steph Rogers all wrote new songs based on something that had appeared in a U.S. newspaper within the previous 48 hours. It’s great that a song written under a creative deadline became his album closer and a staple of his live shows. We did a second round of “In the Paper Today” a few months later at Lee Allison’s loft – haven’t revived it since, but maybe this will be the impetus I need.
    Thanks for covering events and songwriters like this.

    - Chris Toft of The Green Fuse

  2. Culley says:

    I’ll be going to see Tigersaw and Casey Dienel with two locals as well… tonight. Likely to be a similar style setting… looking forward to it.

  3. Culley says:

    So yeah. Casey Dienel was terrific. I mentioned you had blogged about this show. She remembered you and said she was really grateful for all of the effort bloggers put into promoting good music. Good times.