Lil’ Hospital (Total Gaylord Records)

Out of tune vocals, embarrassingly simple lead guitar, closed fist acoustic strumming and twee like lyrical matter. Sounds like a bad record, right? Well no, quite the opposite. Lil’ Hospital make it all work somehow. Lil’ Hospital’s new record Heavy Metal sounds nothing like heavy metal thankfully. More like perfect pop, a mix of Jonathan Richman and Tullycraft. The swedes would love this stuff.

Early music by Lil’ Hospital was basically Kevin Alvir in his basement with a 4-track and a drum machine but on the new record the sound has grown to include strings, horns, keyboards and real drums. The result can be found on Total Gaylord Records (if their site was up to snuff) so instead click here or here.

I’m A Lil’ Hospital [Download]

Big Sister In HollywoodWhy Why Why [Download]

2 Responses to “Lil’ Hospital (Total Gaylord Records)”

  1. joseph says:

    They’re amazing live if anynoe has seen them. and yeah, their new album is really great!!! these kids should be more popular.

  2. Anonymous says:

    TGR didn’t put out their earlier stuff, why do you think they should they have it on their web page?