Megan Palmer

Megan Palmer is another of the Columbus, Ohio singer-songwriters I have just discovered. She’s played with a bunch of great bands as a fiddler including last week’s posterboy Tim Easton (also Spikedrivers, Luither Wright And The Wrongs, Sara Harmer, and the Wahoos). On April 22 she released her first solo disc. Her fiddle playing is notably absent from many of the songs which I think is a great idea because it’s hard to make it as a fiddle playing lead singer (exceptions Lisa Germano, Allison Krauss).

Contact Megan here ( for more info on her new record Forget Me Not. Here’s the title track which features a nice duet with an unknown male singer.

Forget Me Not [Download]

Plus one from the Spikedrivers (featuring Megan Palmer)

The Ballad of John Dillenger [Download]


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  1. Anonymous says:

    She’s cute, too.