Helvetia and Mike Johnson (Up Records)

Helvetia is not exactly tearing up the blogging world and I’m not sure why. They have pedigree with members from Duster. They have indie cred being on Up Records and Static Cult. They have great artwork reminiscent of Built to Spill, The Shins and The Lil’ Ones.
And the songs seem to be there. The cool French blog ORTF has the song “Beezelbub” while Some Velvet jumped the gun in February with the title track “The Clever North Wind” (although that song’s no longer up).

This unreleased song somehow didn’t make it onto the album. A shame really.

Marea [Download]

Here’s a new song from the Mike Johnson record Gone Out Of Your Mind which came out on Up Records on April 25 and is for sale along with Helvitia in their store here.

Fade Away [Download]


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