New song from Ramona Cordova (from split EP with Steve Brodsky)

I’ve been happy to receive partial credit from Ramona Cordova‘s camp on his recent overseas success. I’ve been plugging The Boy Who Floated Freely for over a year but it still needs wider acceptance. I’d like to see Ramona get half of the press, sales and live shows here in the states that he gets in Europe.

He’s got one new song on a split ep with Steve Brodsky that ECA Records has just released. The song is called “coda” and it’s even more lofi than the tunes from his debut release. But the emotional sentiments, otherwordly vocal delivery and fairy tale instrumentation are still all there (in fact bicycle gear noices and toy piano have been added to the mix). You can buy the debut cd here and the new split ep here.

Coda [Download]

P.S. UK singer-songwriter theme week will continue in the morning. See you then.


One Response to “New song from Ramona Cordova (from split EP with Steve Brodsky)”

  1. Tigermilk says:

    Ramona Cordova was at the Pop In in Paris tonight and he played two songs. They were great ! So glad I saw him :)