Simon J Alpin (the start of a UK based singer-songwriter week)

Against my better judgement I’m about to start a kind of half-hearted, half-assed UK singer-songwriter feature. The music promises to be outstanding but I started this little theme last night so the writing may continue to be subpar which is par for the course, no? Expect lots of James Blunt, Elton John and KT Tunstall…just kidding but there’ll be a an undiscovered gem or two. Suggestions encouraged and needed, if you know of a great UK singer-songwriter please leave it in the comments.

Simon J Alpin is a new band featuring the cream of the crop of performers in the uk and from the states. The band features Simon Alpin of course (worked with Willard Grant, Jess Klein), but also Catlin Cary on trumpet and Jess Klein on backing vocals. Except for two parts which were overdubbed in the US these songs were recorded live to keep the spontaneity and old time analog vibe in tact.

Hoe To RoeHere With Me [Download]


6 Responses to “Simon J Alpin (the start of a UK based singer-songwriter week)”

  1. David J. says:

    Thea Gilmore is excellent – but you will know that already! So are Amy Wadge (based in Wales) Angela McCluskey lost to America) and Eileen Rose (Boston-based, but brought up in England).

  2. Craig says:

    thanks for the recommendations, I’ve already written about emmy but will do an update. Mr. Bennett seems promising.

  3. Woodshed says:

    Am I way too late for a recommendation?

    And a second post about Sam Beer wouldn’t be too many.

  4. lessthanbeingfree says:

    how about Frank Turner, formerly of Million Dead. his new Campfire Punkrock ep does exactly what it says on the tin. british folk with a punk rock sensibility. picture a less jovial Billy Bragg.
    or Jamie T, who fuses a whole cacophony of different styles into a distinctly english, playful, bright-eyed whole.
    or The Broken Family Band (they’re a band full of singer-songwriters), or Kid Harpoon, or King Creosote, or James Yorkston, or Adem…