the foundry field recordings (Emergency Umbrella, June 13)

It’s been awhile so I kind of forgot I wrote about the foundry field recordings debut 7″ about a year ago (here). It wasn’t until the label prodded me with a stick (and several other bloggers posted their own reviews here, here, and here) that I decided to move this post up in the que. prompts/miscues comes out on Emergency Umbrella on June 13. The sound on their debut cd is fuzzy, lo-fi indie rock with occasional nods to slowcore.

On “Buried Beneath The Winter Frames” guitars chug away in the background while the lead guitar ebbs and flows on top (usually through a couple of effects pedals). “Holding The Facts” literally pulses and throbs as it comes to life then musically it turns into something you might have heard on an early Cures record (esp. the bass line). “Broken Strings” is a complete change of pace and may be the song you’ll gravitate to the most with it’s chamberesque pop sound and lullaby backing vocals.

Pre-order prompts/miscues now at Insound for $9.99 and get a free 7″.

Buried Beneath the Winter FramesHolding The FactsBroken Strings [Download]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    prompts/miscues is available for pre-sale on insound … with a free Battle Brigades 7″ while they have them! =)

  2. Craig says:

    thanks updated that