The Leels – Fingers Crossed (Cloth Monkey Records, May 9)

I have no reason to like the song “Watership Down” by the group The Leels. The band and I have nothing in common. The music is some strange blend of experimental indie rock with an electronic backbeat. The band’s label, Cloth Monkey Records, describes the music they release as indie/experimental/blackmetal. That’s about the furthest from my tastes as humanly possible. But nonetheless here’s the song I heard and love from their upcoming record, Fingers Crossed, on the fledgling Chicago label Cloth Monkey (May 9). Buy it here.

Watership Down [Download]

P.S. I’m kind of sneaking this in on Sunday night so no one notices…


3 Responses to “The Leels – Fingers Crossed (Cloth Monkey Records, May 9)”

  1. The Punk Guy says:

    I won’t say a thing.


  2. captain says:

    I’m glad you like my song. thanks!

    (but why are you so embarassed?)

  3. cloth monkey says:

    and cloth monkey doesn’t really have any immediate plans to release any black metal. we were just kidding about that, mostly. um mostly. unless we find some that we really, really like.