A bad case of Americanitis

I’ve been a fan of Will Kimbrough ever since I heard his first record. As a sideman for Rodney Crowell and others he’s know for his tasteful guitar chops and as a producer he excells at getting just the right sound out of a myriad of clients. As a songwriter he’s able to tackle subjects as diverse as growing old, the soul-sucking corporate world or the senselessness of the war. He’s opted to don many hats on his new release and I think the variety of sounds on the new record, Americanitis, is a distraction but perhaps if they were all the same I would say that I was bored halfway though the 17 track disc.

What I know for certain is that several of the tracks act as thoughtful little 3 minute oasises in a desert of high energy, low-emotional-impact songs circulating the blogs. Here’s “Warring Ways” a bluegrass inspired anti-war song that will go nicely with a number of the other anti-war songs heard recently on Songs:Illinois.

Warring Ways [Download]


One Response to “A bad case of Americanitis”

  1. Chris Toft says:

    Kimbrough is very cool indeed – one of his great ballads “Goodnight Moon” was on a recent Oxford American annual music sampler. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it as a lullaby to soothe my infant and toddler girls. He’s wildly talented – great pick.