a.m. interstate (Turquoise Mountain, sometime in 2006)

a.m. interstate (temporary website) recorded their new record with every piece of analog equipment they could jam into a 700 sq. foot house. From their name and this brief blurb I suspect you have an inkling of their sound. Of course you’ll hear snippets of Wilco, the country rock of the Jayhawks and the growly southern rock of the Drive By Truckers but this Portland, Oregon based trio has put in the time and the miles to take credit for these songs and to ignore the above comparisons.

“Dirty and Low” is as the song title implies the grungy track on the 12 song album while “Neon River” is the slow, lovely, country-infused song. So take your pick but if your horizons are broad download both and then run out to get the record when it comes out in June on Turquoise Mountain (a subsidiary of Rainbow Quartz).

Dirty and LowNeon River [Download]


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  1. Anonymous says:

    that is absolutely magnificent. thank you.