Eileen Jewell’s "Boundary County"

I got an email from one of my favorite labels touting an artist that’s not even on their label (yet) and that’s both good marketing and good taste. I’m glad they shared the music of Eilen Jewell (My Space) with me as it’s the sort of acoustic based folk/roots americana music I hope Songs:Illinois is known for.

Join Eilen in Boundary County by visiting the link to Signature Sounds store here. Whether it’s the soft longing for better times of “Boundary County” or the violin led romp of “Mess Around” or even the stripped down live in the studio sound of “The Train…” as far as I can tell every song is indeed a jewel.

Boudary CountyMess AroundBack To Dallas [Download]

Bonus rarity performed live from the WMBR “American Primitive” radio show:

The Train That Carried Jimmie Rogers Home [Download]

One of her friends listed on her page are The Cankickers. They’re a punked up bluegrass, old-timey band. They actually played my living room about 6 months ago. They have a new record out called We’re Dyin But We Ain’t Dead. Here’s their take on “Coming Round The Mountain”. Buy it here.

Coming Round The Mountain [Download]

P.S. Sixeyes has some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time on a blog. The band is Theater Fire out on Undeniable Records in August.


3 Responses to “Eileen Jewell’s "Boundary County"”

  1. Charles says:

    Holy awesome music, Batman. Sorry – got a little excited there. Thanks for the great post. She’s amazing.

  2. mt says:

    really diggin Eilen; thanks for the awesome music.

  3. Rob Formica says:

    Good stuff. Hey if you haven’t already, check out Graham Lindsey at http://www.myspace.com/grahamlindsey – some seriously amazing music in the new old-timey badass early Dylan Americana vibe.