Explicitly Adult Material (plus a cover of Tullycraft’s "Superboy and Supergirl")

I finally decided what my nitch is after 2 years or so and over a thousand posts. I’m writing for adults. I realized this while watching my 12 year old niece search for music online. Her process was simple: find a top ten list and then see if she could find the corresponding music. I suspect this is the way many people search for music. Turns out I’m not getting any of that traffic;)

So what then is an obvious post for all you adults to enjoy out there. I was hoping it would be Duncan Sheik’s new one but his management flaked so instead I have two songs from Jeb Loy Nichols’ new album Now Then.

Jeb has been there and done that. He’s moved around his whole life and currently lives in Wales where he works on his farm and in his garden. The new record was recorded in Nashville with Mark Nevers (member of Lambchop, producer of Will Oldham) and while it may have some of the country sound of Nashville it has none of the slickness. Buy it on Amazon

here.Painted Dream House [Download]


Laleh Mae [Download]


(Btw here‘s all the pictures I didn’t use)

The Tullycraft site has morphed into an mp3 blog giving fans of the band an inside look at their favorite twee bands and lost gems. They’re doing something called “Tullycraft Tuesdays” where they feature an artist covering one of their songs. This week and I’m sure it’s no coincidence they have My Place In Space covering “Superboy & Supergirl”. This is the song that got me hooked on Tullycraft and has me patiently waiting for new songs from the band. For now though here’s this apropo song of mixed up superhero’s.

Superboy & Supergirl [Download]


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  1. ogmb says:

    Sorry to rain on your parade here but JLN is only a shadow of his former self when he used to front the Fellow Travellers. I saw him open for Kasey Chambers a couple of years ago and thought great, a reason to show up early. As it turned out his set was the second worst set I’ve heard outside a Holiday Inn lounge (ok, little hyperbole here). In any case I can dig up some Fellow Travellers mp3′s if you’re like to compare.