Matt Keatings back! (joined by Hem and Patty Griffin)

Matt Keating was one of those early 90′s power pop guys that made a dent and then seemed to fade from view (Mathew Sweet being a prime example). Well he’s back and as the cliche goes it’s like he never left. To these ears his sound has changed and grown somewhat more mature as he’s added a bit more Dylanesque shadings and harmonica, and a slight americana vibe. Perhaps he’s slowed down a bit but haven’t we all…

Matt Keating is married to NYC designer and sometime songwriter Emily Spray (she whote “14th Street” for Laura Cantrell). She also contributes vocals on the new record. Matt Keatings most recent press is this New York Magazine article about having and dealing with an only child. But I imagine the press page will start to fill up when his self-released 5th full length cd Summer Tonight is officially released on July 11. On it you can hear his special guests in his band from Hem and Patty Griffin on a bonus track. You can pre-order/buy that record here now.

Who Knew [Download]
(w/Emily Spray)

Bonus song by Laura Cantrell (written by Emily Spray)

14th Street [Download]


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  1. Shipping Lanes says:

    tsk, spelling…

    Great news though!

  2. [...] Matt Keating. It doesn’t arrive until the fall but I’ve been a big fan of Matt’s (here) so immediately gave this youngster the benefit of the doubt based on just this one song. [...]