New song from Lisa Germano (and new songs from the Michigan band Canada)

There’s only been a few mentions of Lisa Germano’s new record on the blogs (one is from an Israel blog Poptart and the other is the ever reliable I Am Fuel, You Are Friends). I’m quite surprised too since she’s a critic’s darling and also has just been signed on to M. Gira’s label Young God Records. The new record is called In The Maybe World, there’s a free mp3 and it’s delightful (the artwork looks spectacular, that’s the back panel above).

Too Much Space [Download]

With it’s cello, violin, ringing acoustic guitars and somewhat Victorian-era sound the new songs by the band Canada are a nice addition to this post (and your iTunes library). The pr lackey is saying that their debut This Cursed House is Arcade Fire meets Sufjan Stevens. I don’t really buy it though. Maybe Polyphonic Spree meets the flavour of the month… Beirut perhaps. More info here probably. Pre-order this new release here from Quite Scientific Records.

HexenhouseBeige Stationwagon [Download]


2 Responses to “New song from Lisa Germano (and new songs from the Michigan band Canada)”

  1. bethanne says:

    yay! canada!

    i am hoping to see them sometime soon. they are great (and i’ve written about them before on clever titles) and they’re amazing.

    they gave me their EP at a show at a coffee house last december and it’s great. since then, i’ve been hooked. thank you so much for this post craig! :)