What to think of a band that actually dresses nicely when they come out to play. Is well behaved and writes mature sounding music. Something like this is hard to hype as it goes against everything that’s hot right now in the music industry. But the same care this band takes to get dressed is the same care they seem to put into their well crafted Neil Young like acouselectric rock.

Northwood is the London based band (by way of Coppenhagen and Oxford) they formed in 2005 and have four demos up on their site. Again the demos are incredibly well crafted. The band has been playing in and around London but being from the wrong side of the Atlantic I’m not sure if that’s been creating any buzz for them in their home city. But I’ll do my little bit here on Songs:Illinois by linking to three of their best songs. You can buy The Sound Of Nothwood ep here.

LongshipsWatergunBoost Me Up [Download]
(uptempo little thing!)


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  1. Craig says:

    sorry but you guys crashed their page, I may have downloaded the songs and I may host them myself later today