Scott H. Biram – Graveyard Shift (Bloddshot, July 25) plus songs by Leaving TX, Blake Thomas, and Tom Russell)

Scott H. Biram’s upcoming Bloodshot release, Graveyard Shift, turned me off right from the start. The album art is atrocious, it’s graphically ugly as well as featuring a picture of fresh roadkill. On top of that there’s a little star shaped banner that says “This record sounds best when turned up loud.” I hate to see that on cds as it usually implies hard rock/metal/noise core stuff. So with much trepidation and my faith in Bloodshot Records wavering I slid the disc into my player.

I was surprised by the sounds emanating from my speakers. Instead of loud obnoxious rock I got an echoey one-man-band folk/blues. Scott H. Biram is a one man band who practically lives on the road. He comments on life on the road, sinning, finding jesus and the loss of his best friend. I highly recommend this disc. Pre-order Graveyard Shift here.

Been Down Too LongOnly Jesus [Download]

Here’s a couple bands that slipped through the cracks and deserve a full post but will only get this abbreviated one. Check em out nonetheless.

Leaving Tx is a Washington DC based alt-country band. They’ve done a great job of getting the word out on their self released debut.

Fallen Angel———-Blake Thomas and the Downtown Bunch [Download]
are one of Madison’s favorite unsigned bands. They are nearing the end of recording their debut record at Butch Vigs studio. What I like about about alt-country or americana (or call it what you will) is that bands from any part of the country with very divergent means and mesages can filter their sound through this template (altering it at will due to regional differences and available insruments).

Boston———-Tom Russell [Download]
is the perfect person to wax poetic about boxing. He’s as literate as a short story writer and has a voice suited to historical folk. This new song is from his 2006 disc Love and Fear.

The Pugilist at 59 [Download]


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  1. Joel @ Postmodern Sounds says:

    Thanks for comment on Postmodern Sounds. I’m looking forward to this new album, thanks for the preview. The cover art is unfortunate, in that the sunburst and border seem a bit like someone just discovered photoshop. I think the fox is supposed to be a metaphor for Scott, who was nearly killed by a semi-truck several years ago. I wonder, also, if there’s some sly reference to Neko Case’s frequent use of the fox as her symbol.