The best dad in the world – David Wilcox (What Are Records?, June 13)

I know some people have guilty pleasures but I have that and more with David Wilcox. He’s one of the wimpiest singer-songwriters on the planet but he can also be the most sublime, sometimes all within one song. If James Taylor (with his coke fueled sensitivity) is too much for you, please leave this page now. However if you’re trying to impress a girl or wish to explore you’re inner child please read on.

I wrote about a new song from David a couple of months ago and to prove his earnestness he donated all proceeds to a conflict resolution center. I’m sure he’s a vegan and into yoga. He’s in the middle of a cross country trek in a Winnebago with his family that he details in the blog on his site. But even with all that he still seems like a nice guy ;) The new record, Vista, is out June 13 on What Are Records. You can buy this release now here.

Grateful For Her Beauty [Download]


One Response to “The best dad in the world – David Wilcox (What Are Records?, June 13)”

  1. Happy In Bag says:

    I’m glad you said it. Many years ago at that big folk fest outside of Boulder, I saw Alejandro Escovedo perform before David Wilcox. AE’s scorching take on “I Wanna Be Your Dog” sent the distressed Wilcox fans fleeing to the massage tents. It was beautiful.