Warning from The Cairo Gang (plus Montt Mardie)

The Cairo Gang have released a new song from their self titled debut out soon on Narnack. It’s just this guy Emmitt Kelly but he’s opened for The Fall and is playing guitar in Beth Orton’s band. The song “Warning” has a nice feel to it with accents of flute, nylon-stringed guitar strums and what sounds like a recorder. Emmitt’s lead vocals are clear when they need to be, uplifting if called for and inevitably become a sad refrain.

I could have sworn bunches of blogs have been posting on The Cairo Gang but a quick glance to Elbo.ws and Hype turned up nothing, so here’s your first taste of The Cairo Gang.

Warning [Download]

PS Swedesplease has an update on the busy Swedish label Hybris. In particular a link to the song 1969 from the new Montt Mardie ep Science.

1969 [Download]
(highly recommended)


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  1. hazel mcneill says:

    please send this song to my email

    song- warning.
    artist- the cairo gang.
    genre- other.
    label- narnk records.