Bosque Brown

There are some performers I have every intention of writing about each and every release they put out. Bosque Brown is one. I first wrote about her here with the release of her debut record Bosque Brown Plays Mara Lee Miller. Her new record, Cerro Verde, is a one sided lp that deals with the flood caused by Hurrican Katrina and it’s aftermath on her family.

As far as I can tell this is an actual piece of vinyl, besides the promo cd’s that were shipped out, this is a vinyl-only release (it comes with a cd copy though). As of right this instant it’s not available for sale yet but I’m guessing if you contact Burnt Toast Vinyl they’ll be able to send you out one. I like that Bosque Brown has a hint of twang (notice the cowboy boots) but is more accepted by the Damian Jurado’s and the Denison Witmer’s of the world. She has little in common with the freak folk scene as she can carry a tune and has a wonderful if slightly unusual voice. So she kind of slips through the genre cracks and is her own unique artist with in this case a singular vision to write about the tragedy that engulfed her family.

Tell Her [Download]


3 Responses to “Bosque Brown”

  1. Kevin says:

    Sounds a wee bit like Jolie Holland to me.
    Thanks for the heads up on Brett Dennen’s new one as well.
    Fianly, thanks for introducing me to Eilen Jewell, what a find. So far, her “Mess Around” is my track of the year.

  2. Just Pete says:

    Craig, found your blog while doing research for my podcast … great stuff! Keep on, brother.


  3. Lin Huffman says:

    I grew up with Mara and her sister Gina, who plays keyboards. I’m so ecstatic to see people appreciating her art as a unique entity, as she has a soul whose beauty truly comes out in her music. Thank you for being such a fan!