Dave Insley’s "Here With You Tonight" (plus the video for Tracy Huffman’s "California")

A lot of music comes in the mail but it’s the music that I search out for myself (and harass the artists in question) that either means the most or has the most immediate viscereal impact. It took a couple weeks but I finally tracked down Dave Insley, begged for a copy of his disc and then received it in the mail. Here With You Tonight is his new record and it features a mix of honky-tonk, americana and Joe Ely inspired mexicana.

Dave’s a road hog and that’s one of the reasons he was hard to get in touch with. Check out his tour dates in California and the southwest over the next couple of months. The song I selected from the new disc is the one with a special guest (Rosie Flores) but it’s also the one with the purest southwestern sound (again sounding like the best of later day Joe Ely). “South of the Border” is the song and the sound. The records out in August but you can pick it up now from Miles of Music here.

South Of The Border [Download]

Bonus track from Dave’s 2005 solo debut – it’s got that real honky tonk sound

There’s Gonna Be A Few Changes Around Here [Download]


Last week I featured Tracy Huffman’s song “California” and it’s still stuck in my head. The label also has a weird little video for the song here.


3 Responses to “Dave Insley’s "Here With You Tonight" (plus the video for Tracy Huffman’s "California")”

  1. Chris Toft says:

    You are hilarious – but I guess there’s no accounting for each individual’s ear candy/worm. I think “California” is completely pedestrian – the only vaguely noteworthy thing is the way they say “California” slightly earlier than you expect – other than that this type of song gets written and recorded one thousand times a day. About as fresh as my gym socks.
    LOVE your blog / often mystified by your taste. Maybe that’s what keeps me coming back….

  2. Craig says:

    I think you’re wrong about the song (of course I do right!). There may be a lot of aging rockers attempting to cut a track like this every day but I’m guessing their lack of talent and penchant for protools gets in the way. I hear a lot of music in this vein and it’s mostly crap. This song and the entire record (including the bare bones production) set it far apart from the field.

  3. Anonymous says:

    this comment is a bit late, but i have to say, i completely disagree with the two comments above and completely agree with Songs Illinios. Listen to Tracy Huffman’s lyrics. The man is dark and deep and real.