Hezekiah Jones Says You’re A-OK (Yer Bird Records)

So Yer Bird’s 4 for 4 or something like that, I can’t keep track. Their new release by Hezekiah Jones doesn’t stray that far from the contemplative indie folk this small label is quickly becoming know for.

Says You’re A-Ok is mostly acoustic although there is a little bit of eerie background howls, distorted harmonica, found sounds and a few beep and whirrs on the song “Albert Hash”. That’s the one I’m drawn to so far but you can sample more for yourself at the Yer Bird site or Hezekiah Jones homepage. You can buy it now here.

Albert Hash [Download]

Bonus unreleased song

Robin and Beth [Download]

P.S. Swedesplease has the new I’m From Barcelona video.


One Response to “Hezekiah Jones Says You’re A-OK (Yer Bird Records)”

  1. Smansmith says:

    Yer Bird is always on the ball for musical discovery and talent. I agree, once again a homerun. The “Albert Hash” track is incredible!