Laura Gibson’s upcoming record (Hush Records) plus news of PDX Pop Now!

I’m excited to be able to give you a sneak peak at the upcoming record by Laura Gibson. She’s in the final stages of mixing the record and will release it on the wonderful Portland label Hush Records in November. So remember this name, you’ll be seeing it again in the fall. Her upcoming debut record is titled If You Come To Greet Me and was recorded in part by Norfolk and Westerns Adam Selzer with area musicians like Rachel Blumberg, Peter Broderick and Adam Selzer at Selzer’s portland studio Type Foundry.

I hate to say this music suits it’s northwestern environs because when I see this written on other blogs I just gag. But in this case it’s true – her music has a dark, dreary, rainy day sound but it also is the sound of the forest (her dad was a forest ranger) brimming with new life. On this song she sounds like another quote on her site in the “sounds like” section: like an old jazz singer, and a wide eyed kid.

“Hands In Pockets” features Laura’s delicate nylon stringed guitar playing as well as her lovely vocals and what I imagine are Adam Selzer’s production flourishes (banjo, odd percussion – almost like keys of a typewriter, brushed drums, piano and muted trumpet). Preview two more songs on her MySpace page and buy her 2004 debut ep here.

This is a beautiful, near perfect introduction of a new artist. “Hands In Pockets” will be on the new record but was taken for this post from the new 2 disc compilation PDX Pop Now (this fest is free and it’s this weekend in Portland). The disc features Mirah, The Blow and Colin Meloy among others. Great stuff!

Hands In Pockets [Download]


An aside: I haven’t had time to digest this but on first and second listens I think you’ll like these songs from Tim Williams upcoming ep The Merchant Heart on Dovecote Records. If Jeff Tweedy records a solo record I expect it’ll sound a bit like this.

The NovelI Am Wearing It [Download]


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  1. jasin says:

    Laura Gibson. That is some really pretty stuff. I love her voice. I will definetly keep a look-out for her.