Nick Castro’s "Come Into My House" (Stange Attractors)(appearing at Schubas on July 23)

I was this close to writing about Nick Castro’s last record, 2005′s Further From Grace. Somehow it slipped my mind and found itself at the bottom of a substantial stack of cd’s. Since I just wrote about his California compadres (Christian Kiefer and …) this time I’m going to get to Nick Castro and the Young Elders . His new record, the orchestral-psych-folk opereta, Come Into Our House, came out at the end of June on Strange Attractors.

Have you ever thought of certain bands as being part of one religion or another. The Cold War Kids would be catholic with their repressed anger, The Decemberists would be the reserved Protestants and the Mountain Goats would be all Zen. That leaves the pagans and that’s exactly how the new record from Nick Castro sounds. It resonates earth motherly goodness. Sitar, percussion, and ancient asian sounds percolate to the surface to go along with the vocals that would be at home in a 1960′s commune. Time has cetainly left this artist behind, fortunately it also left behind a whole raft full of other neo folkies and their fans. Usually on Songs:Illinois the lyrics are at the forefront but on this post you’ve really got to lower the lights, plug in that lava lamp you still have from your dorm room and chill to these otherwordly sounds. Here’s “Winding Tree”. Nick will be at Schubas on July 23rd with Charlemange.

Winding Tree [Download]

Sun Song (from Further From Grace)Unborn Child (w/In Gowan Ring [Download]

Bonus tracks of bizzare indie-psych-folk from Charlemange

(We Are) Making LightPink And Silver [Download]


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