Fuck Was I

This song is old news as it came out in 2005 but it’s just been featured in the premiere of Showtime’s Weeds. I like cello in the beginning, the sweet way Jenny sings the chorus (“what the fuck was I thinking?”) and the surprisingly dark nature of this seemingly innocent little love song. Jenny Owen Youngs is indeed young and I think a little naive (despite the potty mouth). She wants to be a big star and rock out to millions like her NJ brethen Jon Bon Jovi. I wish her luck. Buy Batten The Hatches here.

Fuck Was I [Download]


3 Responses to “Fuck Was I”

  1. Jeff says:

    It’s Owen Youngs…
    cool, though. She used to be my girlfriend’s sister’s roommate.

  2. Pix says:

    mmm what a great song but definitely trying too hard with the swearing. her attempts to contrast the lyric with the warmth of the song and her honest voice sit about as good as weet-bix covered in orange juice and topped with vegemite!

    sorry i dnt have any 6 degree seperation stories lol, she’d need some aussie hooks up for that one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Next to Janet Jackson’s “Days Go By”, this is my new fave song of the week! :-)