Graham Lindsey’s "Hell Under The Skull Bones" (August 15, Spacebar Records)

A relatively unknown and unsigned artist named Graham Lindsey had the best song on a recent Bloodshot Records 11th anniversary record. He wasn’t and still isn’t signed to Bloodshot but he regards them as friends and thanks them on his most recent disc, Hell Under The Skull Bones, that will be released in the US August 15 on Space Bar Records.

I can’t say it much better than Uncut when they reviewed the European version of the record: “Fiery folk-blues-twang, augmented by notable cameos from Van Dyke Parks, pedal steel whizz Greg Leisz and ex-Captain Beefheart guitarist Morris Tepper.”

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2 Responses to “Graham Lindsey’s "Hell Under The Skull Bones" (August 15, Spacebar Records)”

  1. putty says:

    great stuff. his vocals are very dylan-esque which is a good if not expected thing.