New song from Kamikaze Hearts (Collar city Records, Sept. 26)

The band name Kamikaze Hearts (wrote about `em here) conjures up images of hearts soaring into the sky and then crashing to the ground in fits of suicidal rage as they are inevitably broken. The music is rather frenetic as well. From one song to the next on their new record Oneida Road (Collar City Records, Sept 26) textures change, shadings blur and songs either creep along or are propelled by a driving beat and frenzied mandolin, banjo and acoustic guitar strumming. The band has added much to their sound since their debut including keyboards, electric guitars, voice choirs and more.

“Top Of Your Head” is a great example of the new sound as it starts out with just acoustic guitar and voice but then builds as strings, drums, and noisy, thumping guitar are added to the mix. The new record, Oneida Road, can be purchased here though Collar City.

Top Of Your Head [Download]

PS The swedish band Hanif has given Swedesplease an exclusive preview of it’s new album Lord Jesus Christ Baby.


One Response to “New song from Kamikaze Hearts (Collar city Records, Sept. 26)”

  1. Larry F. says:

    I heard another cut from the upcoming album titled “No One Called You a Failure”, a couple of days ago. A very good song.
    There’s both a studio and a live version floating around on some of the other blogs.