New song from Tara Jane ONeil (plus Greg Kot on Touch and Go records)

Interesting article in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday (registration required) by Greg Kot about how Touch and Go has made it all these years (by being honest and fair).

The four multinational conglomerates that dominate the record industry have reported declining sales for several years; executives blame illegal Internet file-swapping for their ills. Yet Rusk says the Internet has afforded fans an opportunity to hear music more adventurous than anything on commercial radio, and it has leveled the playing field for independent labels and the bands they champion. “All the major labels are whining about how the Internet is killing their business,” Rusk says, “and we and a bunch of other independent labels I know just had two or three of our best years ever.”

Of course Tough and Go has a sister label called Quarterstick, I view the distinction between the two as sort of noise rock vs chamber pop. That may not be accurate but that’s my impression. It’s furthered by the atmospheric, textural sounds off the upcoming Tara Jane ONeil record In Circles coming out on Quarterstick in September.

Scheduled for September 12, In Circles seems to return TJO to a more songs orientated release and away from some of the noisier soundscape projects she’s done in the past. Here’s one song from this fall release. Pre-order it here.

Blue Light Room [Download]


2 Responses to “New song from Tara Jane ONeil (plus Greg Kot on Touch and Go records)”

  1. max says:

    hmm, i definetely want to hear some more of this, thanks for the heads up and the mp3

  2. Squashed says:

    It’s a nice album, not as adventerous as her previous albums (changing keys midways, weird voicing) It also uses electronic distortion as Ani diFranco’s last album.

    all in all it’s a nice and soft album. A little more mainstream than her earlier works.

    I like it.