Our Lady Of the Bells

Our Lady of the Bells are an eclectic little indie folk band from Western Mass. I expect they’re all full time students at one of the liberal (and I mean “Liberal”) colleges or universities out near Amherst. I think part of the reason I like this band is that they trade off vocals between jules and Geoff. This creates two different distinct sounds, one (Geoff) a hushed soft- spoken folk and the other a more assertive …

The new record, Forgetting The Way Home, came out in April and is available here.

Here They All PretendAdeline [Download]


3 Responses to “Our Lady Of the Bells”

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanx yet again for another fresh find. Purchased LP and EP from their sire. Reasonable prices too!

  2. Fried Rice says:

    very nice, indeed.

  3. Geoff says:

    Geoff from Our Lady of Bells, here.

    Thanks for all the kind words, folks. Thanks to you in particular, Craig, for the mention!

    For the record, the band’s name is Our Lady of Bells (no “the”)…but hey, no biggie. We’ll be on tour throughout September–check our website (link above) for dates and locations.

    Thanks again for listening!