The best unsigned band in America – Blitzen Trapper (plus Trainwreck Riders)

Goddamn I didn’t want to write about Blitzen Trapper today. I was going to post some amazing, freaky-folk kids music or maybe some wild, blues-based, Jewish gypsy music (plus live footage from a Russian TV show). Damn Blitzen Trapper, damn them to hell. I first wrote about them here. Now they have sent out a 5 song sampler disc of an unreleased album in the hopes of stirring up interest in their music.

When I say best unsigned band in the America and I don’t mean to lump them in with the old definition of that phrase. You know where some big media company in conjunction with Coke, Pepsi of Bud runs a contest to determine what lame ass (yet highly professional) band can win free studio time, a new Tascam mixer and a crappy recording deal with some low-level major label imprint. By best unsigned band in the world I mean better than and deserving to be signed over and instead of Cities, Secret Machines, The Rosebuds et al. I mean a band that once signed with proper distribution will be critically acclaimed and a popular success.

I haven’t even said what the band sounds like yet sorry. While the songs I’ve linked to, especially “On A Dime”, sound like the frantic pop-rock all the rage at the moment under the surface of the songs are undulating electronics, barely audible harmonies and analog fuzz. Other songs on the limited edition 5 song sampler run the gamut from instrumental spaghetti westerns to alt-country ballads (subverted with erie pedal steel).

On A DimeMaybe Baby [Download]


Summertwin [Download]


Trainwreck Riders may be the most mellow band to have ever been signed to Detroit’s fiery garage rock label Alive Records. Their song “Christmas Time Blues” off of their upcoming record Lonely Road Revival is mid-tempo alt-country perfectness. There’s no release date yet but apparently you can get it by emailing here-

Christmas Time Blues [Download]



2 Responses to “The best unsigned band in America – Blitzen Trapper (plus Trainwreck Riders)”

  1. ashley says:

    i want the jewish gypsy music NOW

  2. Happy In Bag says:

    Ignore that Ashley fool, Craig! I demand you focus exclusively on Blitzen Trapper until they achieve worldwide domination.